my guitar work has been improving ive got to say an intermediate level and i was looking at finally exploring the full possibility of guitar software, i have both guitar rig and ampltiube i also have an old rig kontrol(the non usb one). i was looking to buy a multi effects pedal like zoom g2.1u or digitech rp1000 or gnx4 that i could run both gr and amplitube on i.e use the expression pedal to manipulate the wah, whammy and so forth. i want one that can owrk in sync with the programs, as i have stumbled across a really cool "preset" where the wah comes after the delay rather than prior to it, giving a kind of mike einziger vibe to it.

also as im kind of a nostalgic fool, i was probably gonna maybe keep the old rig kontrol and maybe buy a digidesign mbox so i can use it for guitar rig and maybe have the other pedal on my other computer or my marshall practice amp. would it be worth keeping it, i mean does anybody remeber owning one and what the sound quality was like