I noticed on Guitar Center that they have the Gibson LP Silverburst Studio available with the ebony fret. Musiciansfriend has the same guitar for two hundred cheaper but with a rosewood fretboard. Is the ebony worth $200?
It is if you think it is. I happen to prefer ebony fretboards over rosewood and maple, but both of those two make fine fretboards. The iconic Les Paul Standard 1958-1960 had a rosewood board, right?

It's up to you. It is like asking if gold hardware is worth and extra hundred bucks. It is very subjective. It probably will not factor greatly into the resale value, though.
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Ebony is really nice. It's very smooth. I have it on my studio and love it.
Ebony is darker. It usually will be black because they dye it black. It supposedly has a brighter sound, closer to maple. That's really it. If a darker fretboard and possibly a brighter sound is worth $200 to you, then go for it.
The general consensus is that ebony plays a little smoother and "faster" than rosewood. It's also gonna have a little bit of a brighter/snappier tone to it. Rosewood is gonna have a pretty rich/warm tone to it. Ultimately it's all up to feel though. The average listener wouldn't be able to tell the tonal difference so try them both, if it's worth the extra 200 to you grab it.
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