I was downtown today and happened to stop by several instrument stores; I'm looking for an electric-acoustic (nylon) to replace the classical guitar I currently own...

My price range is roughly $160-$320 and I saw several different Ibanez models around that range.

From what I wrote down, here's what I saw:

-G200ECE $420 (this one's costier but it's the first one I saw)
-GA3ECE-AM $194
-GA5ECE $324
-AEG6TN $324
-AEG8E $367
-AEG10NE $497 (also costier, but for completeness' sake)

Now; keep this in mind, please...

1) I know very little about electric-acoustics.
2) I haven't looked into any of these in detail (which I'm going to do now)
3) I'm looking for three things in a guitar: My price range (more or less), Nylon strings, a cut-out. Beyond these things I want, I don't really know for sure what to look for in a guitar (it's a given than when I actually have the money and go buy one, I'll try them out and see which one sounds more to my taste)
4) As I said, I currently have a classical. I don't have an amp now and probably won't have the money to get one right away; ergo, I want a guitar that I can play without an amp for the time being (or at the very least, with headphones/connected to a computer)

Fire away comments/suggestions, please!
I'd also recommend looking into the woods used - Ibanez (for their electro-acoustics anyway) tend not to use solid woods at that kind of price point. If you find a solid-top at least, you'll get a richer tone that develops well over time.
So, would I be looking for some woods in particular or is the difference a process applied to said wood? i.e. how can I tell? (other than researching online)

P.S. The reason I listed only Ibanez models is because I didn't find anything else with nylon strings in that price range.
Some further info... from the models I posted, it seems only the G200 has a solid (spruce) top. Others are (laminated, I guess) spruce.

Also, I was looking for info in the "OFFICIAL "What guitar under $300" Thread"... from the ones listed there, I could only find the Takamine GS330 (SC, they don't have the "S") and it's over $500 in here!!
I would be very cautious getting an Ibanez acoustic. They may look really nice but for the most part they sound like crap. I'm not sure about any specifics for their nylon-stringed guitars but I have not had a good experience with Ibanez acoustics.

Try to go to as many instrument stores you can and find one that has a sound you like.
Like I said, I definitely intend to try them out before buying. The thing is... about 90% of the musical instruments market here is located at one particular place. I went there and mostly found what I posted in the first post.

Looking elsewhere, I found a store that carries Walden; they have a N550CE (with a case, probably soft) for $410 (like I said, a bit out of my planned range)