Well, pretty straightforward, what kind of tone do you like? Do you cut down the treble and pump up the bass feel it?, Do you like doing the exact opposite? Do you like addin a lil distortion into the mix? Tell me all about it, im curious
trebly overdrive with some chorus is my thing

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haha niccee, i like to turn the high down a bit, drop treble halfway, crank up the bass, and shake the whole house
Mesa Big Block Titan V12
High Gain setup
Channel 1 O.D.:11 o'clock
O.D. Level:10 o'clock
Bass:12 o'clock
Passive Mids:10 o'clock
Active mids:12 o'clock
Treble:12 o'clock
CH-1 Volume:9 o'clock
Passive basses Volume and tone cranked.(p-bass)
Active basses lows 50%, Mids @100Hz 75%, highs 50%, cranked volume, and balance set in neck position.(LTD F and Ibanez BTB)

Low Gain setup
Channel 2 O.D.:8 o'clock
O.D. Level:8 o'clock
Bass:1 o'clock
Passive Mids:1 o'clock
Active mids:1 o'clock
Treble:1 o'clock
CH-2 Volume:10 o'clock
Passive basses Volume cranked and Tone rolled off @ half way.(p-bass)
Active basses lows 75%, Mids @100Hz 50%, highs 25%, cranked volume, and balance set in middle position.(LTD F and Ibanez BTB)

Acoustic B100
Gain:9 o'clock
Volume:9 o'clock
Notch:12 o'clock
Low:12 0'clock
Low Mid:12 o'clock
High Mid:12 o'clock
High:12 o'clock
Neck pickup volume and tone cranked on passive basses.(J-bass)
Both pickups with Mids @400Hz boosted, Highs cut, lows boosted, and volume full on active basses.(Ibanez SR Prestige)
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flat eq on the amp. max the bass boost on my bass. pump out the notes.
passive bass:tone 10 vol 10 shitty digital 20 dollar distorion pedal gain full tone 5. amp boosted highs
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Eq slopes down
aggressive fretboard picking,neck humbucker, dist cascaded into fuzz,then pumped through a well driven tube amp
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Neck humbucker for lovely warmness (the bridge one sounds weak on my bass), plenty of bass, mids at dialled in at about 7 and enough treble just so it has a little growl to it when played aggressively.

Sounds pretty damn smooth.
Bass is flat, low mids are cranked, high mids are flat and treble is cut a little bit. On my neck pickup, I get a lovely smooth growl for fingerstyle, a really nice rich sound when I tap/play chords and a wicked percussive slap sound when I use my bridge pickup. Only thing my sound doesn't really work with is a plectrum.

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A big ass upright

Bass to 11, everything else right down... yeeeeaaaah practice amps are so cool...

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For normal playing, I have treble and bass flat on my bass, balance slighlty favouring the bridge and then on my VT1, a slight touch of treble and mids, switch the colour and bright switches on, up the gain a tad, and add in a slight boost, which adds in a bit of the clean signal into the dirty one. I also set the input volume slightly lower than the bypass volume, so when I tap or slap, I deactivate the pedal and go full on bridge, giving a bit of a volume boost to help out. The general tone is similar to that off Would?
Bass: 12 o'clock
Low Mid: 3 o'clock
High Mid: 4 o'clock
Treble: 4 o'clock

Passive Stingray style bass with the front coil volume on full, back coil volume off and the tone off, flatwound strings and played finger style mostly.
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Using a variety of amps and basses, that hollowed-out tone. Cleans up the high end into something nicer to hear and cuts the mud out of the bass too. More or less mids depending where I play; bridge for honk, neck for scoop.

Basically, I just turn all the pickups and tone on full then only adjust the amp's EQ to compensate for the brightness/muddiness of the strings. I'd quite like to have a go at making a bare-bones power amp like the EHX 44 Magnum but louder and for bass.
Neck pickup on a J-bass, play with the tone and volume pots all the way open and my fingers/pick between the two pickups, closer to the bridge than to the neck.

I keep my mids in the mix, using the deep growl from the neck pickup to compensate and raising the treble whenever I feel like it.
I like to feel the bass... not so much hear the bass.

-50w - 100w tube head
-15" speakers
-mostly flat with boosted lows and low-mids
-cranked pre-amp for some tube overdrive
-play with fingers near the base of the neck.


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Bass- As high as I can get it without it being too muddy. (about 4 o'clock)

Low Mid- None,,, fergit-it

High mid- real high unless the amp makes too much noise. (about 4 o'clock)

Treble- No,,,, none (well maybe sometimes)

All this depends on the amp and the hall, as well as what is being played,

On my old fender bxr 200

Graphic EQ

Bass at about +75%
Low mid at about +90%
High mid at about +90%
Treble at about 50%

Bass and treble knob at 12 o'clock

bass boost off
bright boost on when using my P bass
Notch always on when using my Mustang, occasionally when I use my P or J

through the 1x15 it gave me an agressive dry clean tone, that broke up quickly with heavy finger play. Kicking on the onboard chorus gave a cheesy wave of heaviness.
All knobs full, on my fretless jazz, then on the amp, boosted bass and mids. Sounds great to me, and sounds even better with my OD pedal set to a light, crunchy overdrive.
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The tone i set actually on my bass control is usually about:
Trebb about halfwayish, Midd, Midd maybe a bit less and the bass about 3 quarters full. that gives a brilliant tone i think and i just mess around with the amp till it sounds nice but i havnt really settled yet. (oh and if you have an active bass, turn down the volume on the bass and you get a more passive sound)
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