Hi all rock fans.....

I want to record my songs, my own...I used audicity, and guitar pro...
But I want to add,drumm ,bass line....the whole song , all instruments..
is there any program for that , except guitar pro.....
Try Reason 5. Its a little expensive but it is also on Pirate Bay. To get the most out of it, you need a MIDI keyboard, but a computer keyboard is also compatable with it.
Hey K10 did you mean you have these instruments and want to record them individually or with a band all at the same time or are you after virtual instruments and a digital audio workstation to start composition?

Depending on what you want to do then you will need an interface with low latency that can take a 1 or more xlr connections (mic) or the standard instrument input jack. Then you can start recording that into a DAW such as Reaper, Reason, Ableton Live, Cakewalk, Pro Tools, LMMS. It's best seeing as you seem new to it to start with one of the more easier to use programs such as Ableton or Reaper.

They have great tutorials and forums out there for those different programs so help is pretty accessible. Then also depending on how you want your instruments you might want some VST's (virtual studio technology) such as BFD or Ez-Drummer. There are stacks of VST's that do and give you different things some are free some you pay for. Just have a look out there on the net.
thnx mate...for review...
I have this interface
http://www.dv247.com/assets/products/38128_l.jpg, I've worked in a Reaper....
But I want to add virtual bass and drumm's....just to create my own full songs...
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Hey K10 okay so you need virtual drums and bass. Considering Reaper supports VST's I would look at getting for drums say: BFD 2 or EzDrummer. BFD 2 is more expensive but has over 55Gb of high quality drums samples and lets you tweak them to suit your music also lets you arrange the drums the way you want to hear them. EzDrummer does the same kind of thing but after using both you just don't get the same customization that you want for your songs with EzDrummer but at the same time it's a stack cheaper.

For bass I know a lot of people use Trilian. It's probably the most versatile bass vst. It contains over 34Gb of bass samples from all sorts of bass instruments. It will cost a little bit as well. The other alternative is to use your guitar for bass which can be done by dropping your guitar down one octave in reaper, it won't sound too good though but could be used as a temp solution. Hope this helps.
Or if you want to just compose, then use General Midi. Your sound card probably has some drum and bass sounds on it. Figure out how to open up a music staff and start writing MIDI. If you compose the music with GM, then you can add any VST instrument later.

I wrote a bunch of GM drums and composed practically an entire album. Now I am going back and replacing all the GM drum tracks with EZ Drummer.

GM is not great, but it's good enough to provide a backing track for you to write your own tunes and stuff.
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