Had a power outage tonight and wrote by candlelight (hey that rhymes!) Once again, no bridge (where is that confounded bridge!!?) - I never know if it needs one, and I feel like I'm just contriving it if I try to to write one.

Constructive feedback always welcome. Thanks & enjoy!
Quiet Desperation- (4/4)

Another day waking up/nowhere to go
Going on 2 years/ nothing to show
He keeps himself busy to feel like he’s useful
It’s not who is/it’s not what he’s used to
Sometimes he thinks he should just leave this town
But he doesn’t want to let his little boy down
Nothings been the same since the day they let him go
For some reason he remembers the words of Thoreau:

“Men leading lives of quiet desperation”
What’s become of our men in this nation
Living on food stamps /the first time in his life
It hurts to look into the eyes of his wife
He’s always been proud to take care of his family
Now all he can do is lash out angrily
Nothing he does helps his frustration
Men leading lives of quiet desperation.

He goes looking for work but he’s told he’s wrong
for the job/He’s been unemployed too long
100 men showing up for just one opening
Days like this destroy all hope in him
Hanging on by a thread by the time he gets home
Got nothing to say/wants to be left alone
His little boy trying so hard to understand
But you don’t burden a child with what’s meant for a man


His wife looks on as her heart is breaking
She sees her man whose soul is aching
When he’s home he walks the house like a ghost
She doesn’t know what she misses most
The sound of his laughter or the smile on his face
It’s like a stranger has taken his place
She keeps looking for answers but finds none
And asks: Is this what the future holds for our son?

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