Hi guys,

I found a guide on swirling and thought I would have a go myself. Which I have done, not perfect but it turned out good enough. Here are some pictures of the guitar at the moment, just have to clear coat it.


Here we are!

You may need to do a bit of sanding...

But it looks good, swirl guitars are awesome.
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That is wicked! It looks like it had radioactive ooze splashed on it and its mutating
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That looks mint, but defiantly could use some sanding, or leave it rough and clear coat it.
dsss, I dont think he meant this to be a tutorial though,
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Here's a mini guide/tutorial.

Things needed:

Humbrol Enamels
A fairly large bucket
A smaller bucket for the boiling water and borax
A piece of wood to act as a neck

I took all the hardware off the guitar and started to sand with 80/150grit and used 240 on the body till it was completely smooth. Sprayed 4-5 coats of Primer on the body. Let that dry.

To get the swirl right I had to practice, which I did on some ply wood.

Boil approx two jugs of water and pour the boiling water into a bucket. Depending on the size of your main bucket/bin for swirling you need to put the borax in the bucket of boiling water.

1.5 Tablespoons per 1 US Gallon.

Let the borax settle for 30minutes in the boiling water. Then pour the boiling water into the main bin of water that you will swirl the guitar in. Give the Humbrol Enamels a decent mix for 5minutes with a toothpick and then slowing pour them in the main bin of water, the Enamels shouldn't be poured from a distance and should be 3-4cm away from the water surface when pouring. Get a dowel or stick to mix the paints to get your swirl effect. slowly lower your guitar into the water till the guitar is fully submerged. Then use newspaper to get rid of the unwanted paint still in the water and quickly pull the guitar out of the water.

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Thanks for posting! I saw that swirling thing a month ago and I've been thinking about it. (just gotta choose a victim)