Hey all, im new here and i was just wondering if i could get advice on what i should pick for my second guitar. I currently am between picking from one of these:
-Epiphone SG 400 (Faded)
-Epiphone Dot
-Squier Classic Vibe Tele Custom

I know all the "you should go to a store and try it" stuff and i tried all of them except the Classic vibe (store was out of stock) and i was just sort of wandering what peoples opinions were on each of these. I'm a little iffy on having a semi-hollow as my main guitar, but i played the Dot and it felt and sounded good to me. The SG also sounds good and plays well and i haven't played the Classic vibe yet as i said before. I'm also open to suggestions for guitars in the $300-$500 price range. I play mostly alternative rock (Muse, Linkin Park, Radiohead are my favourite bands).
Hey man, it looks like you've narrowed yourself down to some solid guitars! Out of the 3 you mentioned, personally I would take the Epi Dot. For the stuff you're saying you play the humbucker would be useful so puts a bit of doubt on the tele, but they're all decent axes for the price range!

Are you interested in copies? Rondo Music has some great copies of almost every famous guitar for a decent price (especially in the USA) and they tend to have a much better spec than the bigger companies too. I've never played on but I've heard nothing to but good reviews.

Good luck man!
I have been using a EpiSG for 4 years, and I have been able to do almost ANY style with it.
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Hey mate,

I would recommend the classic vibe. I just bought a CV strat and it is a beast. Extremely well made and I am now using it as my gigging guitar over my MiM strat. I am not a great fan of Tele's but the CV tele i played in the shop was bloody awesome.
Thanks for all the quick replies guys, @Homesick i'm not against having a copy, but it looks like Rondo doesnt ship to australia which is a bit of a problem.And I dont know about having a tele though, i tried some of the other Squier ones and the neck felt a bit wierd to me (too thin?) and the strings were horrible, but that can easily be changed with a restring. I'll probably have to go to the store again this weekend for a good few hours (i only played for about an hour last time) and try to decide.
I'd give an HSS strat a try if I were you. It'll would be a nice medium between your choices and a little more versatile. It will obviously lean more toward the bright side but that can be corrected with some decent EQ and rolling off the tone knob a bit. Your other choices are pretty solid ones so I definitely don't want to discourage you from buying one of those, but the strat is definitely worth a test drive.
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Get the dot dude! those things are ****ing sick for the cash, just make sure you find one thats set up pretty well from the get go so you know youre not getting garbage
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I'm also considering both the Classic Vibe and Dot for my first guitar. They both cost about the same, but they are very different.

I think humbuckers would suit your music better, but semi-hollow's can have some problems with feedback when you turn the gain up. The tele won't have that problem, but will sound a little "thinner" than the Dot.

If I decide to buy the Dot, I might replace the pick-ups for some Seymour Duncan 59's, but that all depends on how much I can live with the stock pickups. The CV pick-ups are supposed to be quite excellent, so you wouldn't have to worry about that too much.

Guitars are also about style, and personally, I like the Dot better. But you might prefer something else.

EDIT: Seeing as I'm a huge QotSA fan and I also went to see Muse in Nijmegen last year, maybe this will make your choice a little easier: Clicky: Josh Homme using a Dot live. Pick-ups are probably not stock in this video, though.
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Alright, after coming back from the store and playing quite a few guitars i think im going to have to go with a tele of some kind, their really starting to grow on me now. The thing is, i would like something with humbuckers so i'm probably going to have to go with one of those vintage modified squiers but i've also got the fender blacktop tele's in mind.( i only played a blacktop strat since the store didn't seem to have any tele's) Are they any good? Also, i played an American 62 Jazzmaster for fun and i really, really liked the feel of it, but the only jazzmaster that is in my price range is the blacktop jazzmaster, are they anything like the American ones?
You will not go wrong with a CV Tele, they are the bargain of the century!

In most cases they could just slap on the Fender logo and mark up the price without changing a thing.
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@CarbonToe yeah i have a feeling i will end up getting the CV anyway just because their such a steal for the price and so far i've only heard good things about them.
Can you find a Fender Blacktop Series under 500$?
The Blacktop Strat would be my choice. HH with coil split.
For rock/ metal go with the G-400
For blues/rock go with the DOT
For light rock/counry go CV

Now these are my opinions. I do feal that all the guitars you listed are good guitars, for the price. However I think they are all in need of a p/u swap to get the best out of them. I put a Duncan SH-4 in mine (G-400 worn brown) and it sounds amazing for a budget guitar.
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As I've said any other time somebody asks about what guitar they should get, TELECASTER (in this case the CV, if you want actual news about them go to TDPRI, they talk about them all the time)
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whats the difference between the dot studio and the dot? The studio seems to run cheaper so im guessing its made of different wood or something?
You chose 3 VERY different guitars, all with their own feel and tone. If it were me, Epi DOT or CV Tele. Never been fond of the SG style, but that is just me. All are good choices. You need to figure out which one speaks to you and feels best in your hands.

The DOT will have "bling": binding on the body, a gloss finish, maybe a different headstock inlay. The Studio won't, its plain Jane. Studio model guitars are meant for "go", not "show", and cost less. I'm sure there are more differences.
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