Well, I've been searching for a new cabinet for a little while now, as the combination of my Blue Voodoo head and the 4x12 from my Ibanez TBX halfstack just wasn't really working. At high volumes the Ibanez cab seemed to push the mids very hard while the highs and lows dropped out, leaving things a bit too honky for my liking. Not to mention the fact that the BV head was a good 70mm wider than the cab, so it looked ri-goddamn-diculous. I tried a few different low budget offerings from the likes of Behringer, Kustom and a few other strange brands I'd never heard of and whilst I did find a few that I liked I had to wait for someone to buy my TBX before I'd have the cash to actually get something. Finally on saturday last week someone took the TBX off my hands and I jumped straight into the car to retreve my new cab of choice.

And there it is, A slightly used Behringer BG412H.

According to Behringer it's loaded with Bugera speakers, and for the measley $300 I paid for it they sound very good. They seem to push the highs and lows a lot more than the Ibanez speakers did, and I imagine the bigger overall size of the cabinet would also contribute to the incresed low end.

Plus my rig looks much better now that everything is the same size

Summed up: Not the greatest 4x12 ever but a nice step forward for me, considering my tiny budget.

Oh, and it came with a head too:

A Behringer V-Ampire LX1200H. If you're unfamilliar with these heads they are basically just the Behringer V-Amp processor converted into a 2x60 watt stereo head.
I've never really played with modelling amps much, to be honest the amount of variety and flexability they offer is simply wasted on me, as I rarely use effects and generally stick to one good clean sound and one good high-gain sound. However, I have had a bunch of fun playing around with this head, although it's nothing special tone-wise (most of the models sound a little dull to me and don't have the kind of top end sparkle/sizzle that I love) but there is a lot to play with and most of the FX are pretty cool. I'd never gig with it, but I would be interested in trying some recording with it, as the various speaker/cabinet simulations might save a lot of hassle with mics.

All in all, I'd call that $300 well spent
HNCD!! looks kinda cool, i have a bugera 2x12 cab myself, also bugera speakers, and i like the sound
HNCD! Looks great!
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