Hello, new to the forum, thought it would be a good place to start...

Basically i've been playing in bands for years but have always stayed away from the technical side of things. I've always used multi-fx gear to get the sound i want, never been that nice but i just haven't cared as much til now. I've done a load of research but to be honest it's just giving me a headache thinking about it all so i was hoping someone here could point me in the right direction.

I play heavyish pop punk/heavy rock kinda stuff, and use a Fender 72 hollow bodied Tele, and I've just bought a Peavey 6505. I'm about to buy a load of pedals - i mainly play slightly delayed/reverby lead parts, and need to be able to loop. so this is what I came up with:

Akai E2 Headrush for delay/looping
Korg Pitchblack tuner
Ernie Ball VP JR volume
EH Holy Grail plus for reverb

Basically, is there anything anyone feels i should add/replace and is there a set order i should have these pedals in?

I apologise for being so clueless. Thanks in advance if anyone can help!
Really it's about how they sound through your gear compared to what you and your band wants to sound like, when I look for pedals I see about trying them out with my gear as you can try them in a shop on gear that is different to yours and you may like it but you may not be able to get the same sound and not like it through your own gear, if you're on good terms with your local dealer then see if he (or she) will let you borrow some pedal that you may like, then you can experiment a bit at home with the way they sound.
About the order, again just experiment until you get a sound you like.
and maybe add a wah pedal and distortion pedal, maybe a EH big muff or one of Boss's many distortion pedals

Hope this helps
distortion pedal? for what? he got a 6505!
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cheers for the help so far! yeah i didn't think about a distortion pedal because i love the tone i've set on my 6505. i'd love to try out all of the pedals i listed but not sure how i'd go about this, ive used the EB volume pedal before but not the others. Any other advice would be appreciated too! Otherwise i may go ahead and buy them, and then hope i can get the sound i want.