If I knew what to search for this I would try, but I'm really lost and i'm more than certain that this is possible from watching live shows and going to gigs.

I'll try and explain this as best as possible to show what I mean.

Setup: (Whatever your order will be im not too sure on effect positioning)


I'm playing a part in distortion say for half a song, then in the middle I need to switch to ACOUSTIC and DELAY/REVERB instantly, how would I go about doing this without having to press each pedal in order, ie, switch of DISTORTION then switch on ACOUSTIC and DELAY/REVERB as it is possible to do this all at once without pressing each pedal in order how is this done?

Hope I was clear enough, and if there is a thread on this please provide link as it will help me out a lot!
you could get something like a true bypass looper, or just a looper. it basically lets you put some pedals in a loop so you can turn them on at the same time
Ok several options I can think of...
A) Multi effects units often allow this. So you can look at those
But if you already have the stomp boxes and want to do this then:
B) Bypass loopers such as this
Basically you put the effects you want in the loop and leave them always on, then the looper on/off switches all the effects in the loop on and off.
However, this doesn't allow much versatility, as you only have two options: everything on, or everything off.
Therefor, the best option is:
C) Something like this http://www.voodoolab.com/switcher.htm
Combined with a midi controller such as this http://www.voodoolab.com/commander.htm
NOTE: I'm only using voodoo labs as an example, I've never used these products. And I'm sure that something exists that can do both at once
Basically the switcher is like the looper in B, however it has a midi output which can be controlled with the commander.

That is the best, most flexible option.
Here is another similar thing:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0oPw1f1dSMI [skip to around 120]
It's a wobo unit of some kind

Alot of 'pros' use rack gear, so they use similar units to the controller, but rackmounted. Then these and the rest of the rack gear are controlled by midi controllers.

Hope this helps
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look! if you've got the cash and dont need a crazy distortion get the amptweaker TightRock distortion it has a built in effects loop for when the pedal is on, and a second loop for when its off!

so you can have all your effects on,but the delay/reverb stuff will only come through when you switch the pedal off!



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Thanks everyone for the responses all of them were helpful after searching around from your posts this one sounds like the most convenient and easiest to use! And I can get the cash for it too which is cool as I can get a second hand one for around £40

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A Boss ls-2 would do the trick

Thanks Dude!!!
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Don't over complicate it. All you need is a single loop TB looper like this:


You would still need two stomps (one to turn off distortion, the other to hit the TB looper, but it's still a lot easier).
This does absolutely nothing. You need hit two switches with the looper or without the looper. If you want to use a loop switch then you need one with two loops.