I just bought a used Japanese Edwards LP style guitar, with single coil pickups.

I have a seriously quiet high E string (new EB super slinky strings), which I'm trying to fathom out.

When unplugged, acoustically, the string volumes sound very even, but when amplified, this string is about 50% of the others, and no bite.

The pickup poles are staggered, and this pole and the next are lower than some others, but I don't think enough to make such a difference.

When looking at the guitar from above, it appears that this string is actually nowhere near directly over the pole, compared to some of the others.

Under the pickup, there's only one central screw. Does this mean that poles are not adjustable individually and are factory set?

I'm contemplating butchering the pickup height adjustment screw holes, and putting a serious slant on the pickup, so the pole is very close to this string, and further from the other strings, in order to try to solve the problem. But it will mean shaving off 5-10mm of plastic where the screw hole currently is, and drilling a new screw hole, as close as I can get to the pickup.....

But that is a last resort, as I'll have to do it on all 3 pickups (I have the same problem on all 3).

I've tried the guitar directly into an amp, and through multi effects, same problem.

Any advice appreciated please!! I want to play with my new toy!
Edwards 1.jpg
Edwards 2.jpg
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The strings are way to far away from the pick ups, you should set the height at about 3 to 5 mms from the strings.

The pups are set too low.
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Thanks for he advice.

I'ver done that, and the whole sound is much better and clearer thanks, but the string is still about 30% less volume than the others, and unresponsive, playing wise, just a much thinner tone than the other strings. It doesn't feel like it's choking or buzzing, just kind of dead.