It's come to the point where I've decided to change the pick-ups on my Jackson Kelly. Right now I'm using a JS32t, the fixed bridge model, and I'm going to switch out the bridge pick-up for a DiMarzio Super Distortion. I figured that since I'll have the guitar opened up, and since I never use the tone control, that I'll rewire the volume to the lower pot to prevent my hand hitting the volume and rolling it down by accident.

I figured that since I will be removing one pot, that I could install some sort of kill switch in the place of where the volume pot is now, just some sort of button that I can press that'll go on and off, like a kill switch would :P

So I have a few questions regarding all this stuff:P

First, would I need an F-spaced or Regular spaced pickup when I replace the crappy CVR2s?

Would I need to change the tone/volume pot for the re-wiring or are the stock one gonna work with the Super Distortion?

Is this kill switch idea feasible, and if so, does anyone have any idea how I could go about wiring/installing it?

Any positive feedback is appreciated, thanks