Which ones better?? Can u tell both pros and cons of both? I had posted a thread on korg, but then nobodys repling. So then i saw this pedal. How is it? Which one has better distortion?? More features?? Can the floor pod also run many effects at the same time?? Is it easy to use?
Drum machine- no
- Looper- donno what it is!
- Lots of footswitches- ya, for changing banks
Good distortion - yes
Effects- Just the basic ones, tremolo,flanger,chorus etc
Between those two I would choose the Korg. IMO it has better features and the distortion tones are pretty good. Get the manuals and compare the features yourself.
I already gave you an answer. Do you think I'm going to say I'd get the one that sounds worse? I'm curious.. why do you not want a drum machine? It's an excellent practice tool and your playing will sound better with drums once you learn to play in time. Which is what a drum machine teaches you to do.
Are you open to other options?
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