ok ive got your attention, its an epiphone les paul. 2005-6 model something around that. Im totally new to this, but its a practice guitar and im just exploring. I painted this thing already once with my trusty spray paint, but when i went to remove some tape to section it off, it pulled up the entire paint job with it. I figure ill try it again, except this time im going to remove the clear coat on top because i think that might be whats causing the paint to not stick. Any ideas on how to do that? i dont care if i harm the original paint job / staining / whatever they did to it.
Yeah you need to sand the clear a bit in order for the paint going over to stick to it. Sanding by hand will work but is time consuming. I use an electric palm sander. Start with a rough grit, i dunno, 80 grit or so.....that will eat right through your paint and start working with the clear. Make passes with the sander going with the grain. You don't have to go down to the wood....which takes a while anyways cause there's some thick finishes on guitars.

After you sanded with some 80, go with a medium grit, then a finer grit like 280 or so. That should get it smooth, yet rough enough for painting. Use primer before paint. Use #0000 steel wool in between coats of paint and primer. Clean with mineral spirits or similar before the next coat. Don't coat the paint on in one go, you have to do multiple light coats first....but it won't take long to dry

So what color is it going to be?
welp, ive got primer and some colors, im going to go with probably a white base, then ive got some ideas floating around, possibly black pinstripes, also a nautical star template ive cut out, and then for the finishing touch some green splater all over it. Like i said its my first time and its probably going to look like crap, but i figure it will at least give me something fun to do for the day.
Use some Blue Painters tape to tape off your stripes etc, it's low tack so it won't stick to much and rip the paint off

Also, if you can do this in a day....mad props. Take your time, or it won't turn out as good. I'm always impatient with crap like this, and end up almost hate doing it cause it's more time consuming than you think. But if you got a day to kill just for this, you can get a lot of work done.

Good luck! You got another guitar to play right?....it's gonna kill ya while this one's sittin up haha
Maybe a red scotch , over your clear coat if theres no damage to paint would be fine . Prime , and do your paiting. When you demask , dont leave it too long after you have sprayed , a good ahld hour or so .. When lifitng your tape it cna lift the paint if paint is totlaly dry over your masking , lifitng it and casuing a lip you wont be able to flat out .. watch for reaction , guitars can be bad for this if theyve been paitned before and don't mix paints aka 2 pack with cellulose etc.
i got the paint job finished! pics are now on my profile. check em out and tell me what you think!