It's my favorite day! New Guitar Plus Other Stuff Day!

Well, techically, I have had them since friday, but I haven't had any time to take half decent pictures of them since now.

At first I was a bit hesitant about buying a signature guitar, but it had pretty much everything I wanted so I decided it doesn't matter that much. I also bought a pack of Elixir Nanoweb strings, a Dunlop strap, Planet Waves Dual action Capo and some new tubes.

And yes, it is a Epiphone Nick Valensi Riviera.
Also, I'm not really a fan of The Strokes, but their music is alright.

I bought the JJ 6CA7s, Because I wanted some more bass and low-mids. I put the Electro Harmonix 12AY7 in the V2, which is for the overdrive channel, because it got way too messy even after 10 o'clock on the gain dial. Now it's actually way more useable. The JJ ECC803s went into the V1 basically just because I needed something there.

I had a Tung-sol 12ax7 there before the JJ and I can't tell if it's better or worse. Never really liked the clean channel much anyway except with single coils. Maybe I should get a DynaComp next...along with a delay pedal and a big muff.

On to the small review of the guitar (If you can call it a review):

I haven't found any flaws with the finish yet and it looks really great! The neck feels pretty thin, but I have pretty small hands so it's good. it's really comfortable to play even tough it's alot bigger than any guitars I have had before. I think it's weight is somewhere between my Yamaha and a Vintage V100 I used to own.

The intonation is a bit off on some of the strings and there was some fret buzz on the lower frets, but it went almost entirely away after I put the Elixirs on.

The guitar sounds nice and rich with lots of overtones with the gain set fairly low. I was actually a bit suprised it didn't feedback almost at all after I pushed the gain almost to the metal territory and it sounded really nice for that too. There was a bit too much hum though.
sexy guitar! even if i'm not a massive fan of the strokes either.
at first i wasn't sure about the colour but as i looked through more pics that you took the more i got used to it and appreciated it.
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that is one seriously nice looking epiphone right there.

straplocks nao.
I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me.
Nice guitar. If you want a lower gain 12AX7 replacement, I Ruby's have a lower gain than a Tung-sol. Or you can use a 5751 which is a 12AX7 replacement with gain at around 70%.

I know all this because I put a Sovtek 5751 in V1 on my Peavey 6505+ 112, and then Tung-sol 12AX7 to replace the Rubys on the lead gain and EQ channels to make up for the gain I was losing with the 5751. Worked like a charm.
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I read this as NG Piece of shite Day... :|

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you're not gonna want to take a dump in a gross, off-colored, vintage toilet. you want something that is white and pearly; something that shines. something that you can put your cheeks against and say, "f*** yeah"
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I read this as NG Piece of shite Day... :|

Me too! I was expecting to see something for $40 from a garage sale, like a Starcastrate totally covered with pop-alt stickers (to hide the florecent orange spray paint), or an epi junior with the pickup removed and nylon strings.