So I've been planning on selling my Boss Chorus (CH-1) pedal, and actually have a potential buyer for it at the moment. I've wanted to get rid of it simply because it sucks tone when turned off. Specifically, it boosts treble or cuts bass, not sure which it is - maybe both. Either way, my distortion tone is just not as rich or meaty (6505+ 112.) I was never dissatisfied with the actual chorus tone of the pedal, however.

So today, just to make sure I want to get rid of it, I tried it just plugged in in front of the amp (I had always run it in the effects loop, like you're supposed to.) Anyway, I couldn't tell a difference in tone when it was hooked up in this manner! So now I'm not so sure I want to get rid of it, lol.

Just to make sure I wasn't crazy, I put it back in the effects loop and immediately noticed a huge tone suck again.

So is there anything wrong with running it in front of the amp? Maybe there's something wrong with my effects loop?
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No, nothing wrong with it, some pedals do sound better up front, it's just a general rule that effect pedals be run in the effects loop.

Time based and modulation pedals to be specific.

Also, Boss pedals were designed to be run in front of an amp... so if it fares worse in an FX loop, it's not exactly a major surprise.
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order can really change a lot. to ethan effects loop is generally reserved for modulation pedals or "time" pedals. the order can really make a huge difference though, having all tru bypass is not good, having all buffered is not good.

tru bypass do nothing to your tone, thats why if you have long cables you will have substantial tone loss. however if you have a couple of buffered with trubypass the buffered almost 'push' your signal through which many times can retain the original signal better. on the other hand too many buffers can lead to eggregious tone suckage. you need both though.

some of the best pedals that pros use are not truebypass. the most copied OD pedal is the TS808, which is a buffered pedal that colors your tone a lot. but it is magic. order can do a lot though.
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