still owe zach and some others. sorry guys I'm awful at this. I saved some stuff on my computer so I don't need to find an internet connection to read and reread them so thats a start i guess.


Into town from the east they appear:
descendents of the first window-dwelling sunrise watchers
whose legs dangled for years over brick alleys
responsible for shadows you could see from outer space.

Who heard them first is not clear
the chalked squares and dancing stick figures glow
illuminated by dawn's breath, guided in by starlings
and sparrows whom I suspect first witnessed this caravan's arrival.

All the pigeons are dead.
Yesterday I saw their silhouettes disintegrate
against the afternoon sun, but their feathers remain
etched in the mortar, fossils of another day.

Her dreams last for months at a time,
and if the hedge rows ever reach an end
she'd probably lose her mind, though this past evening
I saw her calling out to the stars for something to make her human again.

This is the procession, the dirty fingernailed carpenters
and craftsman who will build her back up
board by board, brick by brick
from the ghost she has become.
Anatomy Anatomy
Whale Blue Review

Park that car
Drop that phone
Sleep on the floor
Dream about me