I may sound like a noob but I had a tab rejected and I'm wondering if someone could explain. I am a noob, so I'm ok with that.

It was for Ellie Goulding's "Wish I Stayed Acoustic," which has a few versions, one of which is good, but requires a capo and Ellie doesn't use a capo for the song. Mine is based on a videos of live performances, so maybe that's why people didn't like it.

This is the format I used:



I noted that a simple alternating down-up stroke sounds best, but since the notes don't have to be precise, I put some in brackets. Maybe that has something to do with it being rejected.
nobody knows why. it looks decent and theres nothing noteably wrong as far as format that i can see. I dont know the song, but quick check on other tabs on this site it looks like it might be better than some of those, more elaborate at least (again, dont know song and havent tried it). maybe PM a moderator or something cause there must be a reason.

Believe me, if it was easily apparent, there would be a long list of assinine comments to work with. lol.
Thanks, mullet
It's not a big deal. I just tabbed it out for a friend and figured I would post it here so others could use it too. Maybe I'll try to tidy it up and give it another go, or just use a different site.