hi all,

i've been playing bass for over a year and today i have my first problem with my amp and i dont know if its the amp or the cable or the bass.

ok, so i start playing today to some chili peppers and i make it through that song then as soon as i start playing something else, my amp starts going static-y. (i hope thats a word) and then starts with a high pitched whine.

i unplug my cable and put it back in, its fine. then like one minute later it starts up again. my amp is a fender rumble 30 in case you need to know that.

thanks in advance.
Active or passive bass? - check the battery in an active
Try another guitar with it - still a problem?
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yeah its an active bass. and i only have one bass so i dont know whats wrong!! AHHHHH!
no i dont think its the battery because over all the static i can still hear all the clean notes that i play when covering a song.

and i've had to swap out my battery before. its not that. but thanks tho.
just try it, to rule it out. you never know
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