ok so im a solo artist (http://www.facebook.com/joshbonannomusic) and i play shows mostly just e and my acoustic guitar. and tht fine and everything but often i feel like the sets get boring/songs sound the same/ect. what are some ways to fix tht problem and make it ore interesting for the crowd as well as myself?
I'm not sure in what way your sets become boring since the music is THAT GOOD (you've got me as a facebook fan now), but maybe try a collaboration with drama (theater, whatever) students? Have some sort of background choreography for your song? Just an idea
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One word: loop-pedals.

You can do some amazing stuff with them, all alone.
Even looping your own voice is something that I think would serve as a very cool effect.
In any case I present and example of what can be done with simple tools:
Hark! Is that a mellotron I hear?
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