Been playing for 3/4 years and i want to get a new one. I'm hooked to Ibanez S series with ZR trem and not so good INF pickups ( planning to upgrade them if I get the S series). The other option is RGA72 with edge zero ii and active pickups (CAP-LZ10/20). ZR is great, what about edge zero ii? I play metal and rock, Any suggestions for other brands under $700 ? Thanx...
Ibanez's LZ pickups are generally considered to be awful. At least the INF pickups you could use for a little while lol, and then swap out for some cool D'Activator/Air Norton combo or something for a great metal guitar with some versatility. I like RGAs, they look cool and everything, but I would go with the S. I'm as yet to play an Edge Zero II but if your happy with the ZR then go for it.

As for other brands? Depends on what you like. If you are fan of Ibanez you might also like some of the ESP stuff (probably ltd at that price). Maybe a lower end M series or a MH or something.

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AFAIK, no one has tried out the Edge Zero II's yet (at least I haven't seen any threads about them yet), so we have no idea if they're good or bad.

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Thnx guys. I heard Schecters are great too. Played Omen, sounds good. Haven't tried other Schecter models or LTD's. Will check them out.

I know the guy so he went like this will be a great guitar(RGA72) for you. I don't think I'm getting it though like VVolverin3 said. It doesn't have a tone pot too. Will be messing with Edge Zero II though, see how good it is.
I'm getting the RGA72 with the edge ii next week, i can let you know how it is then?
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