Im looking into buying a new guitar and I really like semihollow body guitars. Does anyone have any suggestions? I played a gretsch g5120 yesterday and that sounded decent but its korean made? Im looking for any decent guitar for around 800 bucks. Also I will be switching the pickups so any suggestions on which ones I should get? Im new to the whole pickup switching thing. Thanks
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I would not buy a Fender (Gretsh), Look into a DiPinto Bacchus. Reverends are out of your league.

(For those of you who are my online students, that are reading this, the DiPinto Bacchus is what I played in my soloing demo intro in the Lead Guitar Volume 1 lecture 1 video)

Usually there's little wrong with Korean guitars, they are below USA and Japanese Custom shops, and above just about everything else (Except when it comes to FMI made stuff)

The next one below Korean is Indonesia...after that you roll the dice and take your chances and usually pay and get what you pay for from China.


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I purchased an Epiphone Sheraton-II for about 850 (CDN) a year and a half ago. I don't have it anymore, but it was a great guitar, especially for the price.
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