List of people who need to shut up and play music. Meaning never talk.

i honestly have been on a mayer binge lately. i love his music, his covers, hes a lot of fun to watch play, such great talent, but EVERY time i hear him open his mouth when theres no backing music, i just get angry.
take his "bold as love" cover on the "where the light is" concert. what an amazing cover and song. what a great player, but then he has to talk for like 2 minutes in the middle and i just want to vomit until he gets into the solo after it, then it makes me happy again. its like, a trip to a foreign land that youve always wanted, but you get seasick easily. youre excited, then you get on the boat and want to never do it again. then you get off and arrive, and youre like ohh it was worth it! until the next one.