This is a slightly odd thread title i know, but I'm getting started in making music and trying to work out the anatomy of a typical drum n bass track. I'm really struggling to make it all out and work out what's playing.

I get that the bassline is all important, but this is not like a bass track in a rock record right? Is it usually pitch shifted down? And am I correct in saying that the same part is often played higher up at the same time? Are there lots of notes in a typical bar? Do the notes even change at all from bar to bar or is it the rhythm that is more important? (so any chord structure would just come from accompanying synths?)

And what about the drums. Are kick drum type sounds used at all, or does the bassline just handle the whole low end? The typical dnb snare drum sound doesn't sound like a real one: is it pitch shifted? Distorted?

I know how to use synths, but should i be using noise waveforms, squares, sines or what for each of the key parts?

I know that this is the wrong way to come at it and i should just make what sounds I want to hear, but working out what they are doing this way could take a long time.
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Two things you should do - 1) Post your question on a DnB forum. 2) Search youtube for terms like 'Drum n bass tutorial'. You have to research and experiment, I'm afraid.