im lookin for a versatile bass for around 300$ or less. i play pretty much everything from green day to red hot chilie peppers to the beatles and bob marley. im torn between the squire p bass or the epiphone les paul special bass. im also open to any other sugestions.
not the lp. that is not a versatile bass by any means. a pbass or a jazz bass would be your best bet in that price range. squire ccv or vm is where its at for the 300 dollar range.

greenday used a precision. chillipeppers and bob marley used jazz basses. and beatles have used a variety of things.

or what he said if you are willing ot go used.
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I'd go for the Squire VM Jazz, if I were in your shoes. My friend, who is predominantly a guitarist, bought one and they're fantastic for the price. They bat way above Squire's average.
+1 on the VM jazz.

Though, TBH, i'd spend a bit extra on a CV Jazz. In my experience, the CV Squires are significantly nicer than the VM Squires.

Or... look for a used G&L Tribute L2000. While i HAVE seen them for as low as $300... the usually hover in the $400 range. But... the L2k is pretty much the definition of versatility.
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I forgot about the squiers cause I'm such a craigslister, but I agree with the choice.
Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass.

If you can go up $50, then the Classic Vibe Jazz Bass.
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