I have a new band, based in Yorkshire. (In the UK, in case you didn't know... But I'm sure you did.) Its a trio, we're all 16 years old.

I'm fronting the band, singing and playing guitar. However, I'm not very good at singing and don't particularly like my voice. I would be very thankful if some people could listen to the links below and see if you can give me any pointers on how to improve my voice?... I'm hoping to get to the point where my voice is listenable and not annoying, doesn't have to be amazing :p. Also, what do you think of the band? I actually like it, we're 3 pretty ****ing close mates so it works well, I think. And yes, one of the songs is original so listen to that if you're going to complain about this being in the wrong thread or whatever. Thank you =].

Johnny B Goode cover:

Our own song, Broccoli:

Thanks again(:
Actually, I think your voice is pretty good. Fits the song quite well (Broccoli). Just takes some time to get confident about it. I would just say if its really important to you just practice scales or something like that, sorry not a good singer myself. I find if i warm up my voice alot though it is more tolerable. hope that helps