I'm looking to record my 412 Cab in my basement.

Right now I have a line6 UX2 recording interface with some cheap MXL condenser mics.

What do you suggest?
Hmmmm. Assuming your basement is like most basements I would focus on one of the speakers which you think sounds best and close mic it. With both of the mics in differnet spots if you can. I would only focus on one speaker no matter how many mics you use.

However, to get more of the feel of a 412 you could close mic right on a speaker with one of the mics and back another up and point it right at the cab. That'll give you a little bit of the amp sound in the room and give a representation of the 412 sound.

Eventually you will want to get some sort of dynamic mic for this (the SM57 or Audix I5 are great choices) but there is nothing wrong with using condensers.
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