I remember back in 2008 and 2009 it was huge, and then by winter 2009 it was gone. Literally everyone was talking about it and then I haven't heard a word about it since. Same with metalcore.

Thought I would pop my head in here and ask because I was thinking about this today. I used to be in a metalcore band. We disbanded around the time all of it started dissapearing.
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Converge released a cd in what, 2010? metalcore is fine. I dunno about deathcore..when was the last animosity album released?
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Deathcore sucks. Hardcore suck. **** "core".
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Crabcore > Deathcore

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Animosity broke up a couple years ago...
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Animosity broke up a couple years ago...

oh shit, well I guess deathcore is dead.

^ I wasn'\t even trying haha
Cuz it's a very limited genre with very little room for expansion.

Also the most popular bands in the genre are also the worst, see Suicide Silence etc.

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Yes because Djent is wanky twoddle, it's like this generations version of Shred Metal.
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Deathcore sucks. Hardcore suck. **** "core".

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Everyone knows At the Drive-In was the only deathcore band to get it right. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7NYbojdoAQE&feature=related

Nice new avatar. I approve. Also. ATDI = boss.

OP, deathcore is still alive and... well... alive... it's just banished from the hardcore forum. There's a big deathcore thread in the metal forum. You can discuss deathcore to your heart's content over there.