Aight my niggas, basically what i have done, is taken cookie dough, and put it in a pan and cook it on the stove until it becomes a half cookie half cookie dough hybrid, i scoop it out onto a plate, and scoop vanilla ice cream on it. Anyone else ever do this?

TL;DR - I am getting diabetes.
Im the only one that can say "niggas" in this forum.
you're a stone fox
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Im the only one that can say "niggas" in this forum.

OT: Ok...sounds good. But the letdown you'll get when your sugar high wears off seems undesirable, TS.
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You're a good man. I was waiting for somebody to step up with the obligatory "I come blood" reference.

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goddammit. I'm going to bed. You win good sir.

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Haha! You got the joke! You win a cookie.
Sounds delicious. Maybe toffee ice cream. Or toffee cookie dough with vanilla ice cream.

I love trying funky new food combos.
Some of my favorites:
-cinnamon/sriracha sauce on eggs
-sweet potato stuffed pork chops
-sweet potato pancake sandwiches with bacon and pickle in the middle, red hot is optional
-bacon and hot sauce on everything
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Brown sugar on bacon : Candied Bacon!!! (cook with brown sugar on it)

Cheese with ketchup

My favourites
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Another funky food you guys should try is Oreos with spicy salsa, as long as it aint like chunky it will work. The sweet and spicy mix is amazing.