Im Amos Myers

Please check out my original recordings
they are each about a minute and a half

Listen to as many as you can or would like
Its like chill electronic shit

Amos Myers EP Demos

please leaves some quality crits! tell me what you think!
I like it, i think it sounds like a good build up to some heavy shit, keep it up man
Hey, sounds good man, interesting arrangements nice n unique. Cool style man, production all sounds great too and nice synth sounds too
There are some pretty cool sounds in there, but I'm not too much a fan of the vocals. That's probably just me though because I don't really like vocals in electronic music. A few of the synths were a little much for my taste, but they were mostly really good. The compositions are great as well. Nice job.
I think the effect on the vocals is cool, but I can't even tell what he's saying. Or if it's even a he.
Is that even a person?
I think if you got a little more clarity on the vocals you'd have a great song for a movie soundtrack or something.
American Circus
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yeah i suck at singing so i have to load the vocals up with effects to cover it up. what movie soundtrack are you thinking of? i dont see it.

Thanks for all the crits so far. very much appreciated. i would like some more specific crits but nonetheless im grateful for any comments. thank you.
Hey I checked out Dekala and Seyloh. Some cool stuff you've got going on man. I'm really a drum kits and screeching leads guy, but this is way cool stuff. Never really listened to electronic (?) stuff before. I couldn't tell you much besides it sounds cool!

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I like the feel of the track, but the vocals seem too 'aquatic'.
Lessen the effects by at least half or something.
I like the switch-up around the end of the track.

"Ta Aymo":
Really liking this. Great feel, good sampling.
Love vocal lines that sound like chants.

Love the intro. It's very calm.
The wub is there, but it's subtle, which is good.

Catchy melody. Thought out quite well.

"El Trut":
Not diggin' those high-pitched tones.
This doesn't seem all that different from your other tracks.
It's alright.

The intro is decent.
I like the kids/vocals in the background.
It adds a lot to the track.

Thanks for the crit!
Thanks for the reviews! "Beneath": I like the synths! I have mixed feelings on the Auto-Tuned vocals: they're interesting, but I've never been a huge fan of the "Cher effect" (though you seem to take it a step farther with the pitch shift effect). (Though I know the extreme Auto-Tuned vocals are popular with many people now.) There is pumping on the volume: I figure you like the effect, but some people might say you have too much compression. I like the song overall. "Ta Aymo": nice drums on the intro. Not sure if the intro vocals are sampled or Auto-Tuned, though interesting. This song is somewhat repetitive, and the ending is abrupt, but I like it overall. Both songs have good creativity. Cheers!
man these are some nice beats, love that droning bass and the synth fills in the gaps perfectly. The production quality sounds amazing, good work with panning and the layered drum beats work really well. The vocals are really trippy, which fits right into your style, i can dig it. a lot of different sounds going on at once to make cool imagery in my mind, like a solid mobile aquatic energy bubble jam, you feel me -
i was actually thinking about putting Beneath on my mp3 player so i could cruise to it
Yeah I like them all, My favourite one is the first. I like your voice on it. Maybe uncover it a little bit, but not too much. that effect on it is really cool! My least favourite is El trut. I think the high parts don't flow as nicely as things do on all your other tracks.

ID like to heere more singing on the other tracks as well as just the first one. I think that the voice adds SO MUCH more to your tracks.
Hey thanks for the crit

I really like your stuff and its uniqueness (if thats a word!). It kinda has a Moby kinda feel to it and his stuff was quite good.

In "Beneath" like someone has already said the vocals are quite "acuatic in nature" which is weird in a good kind of way.

"Ta Aymo" is quite good and I love the vocals in that one.

"Dekala" I'm not quite sure about the vocals at the start... But the rest of the song along with the toned down base and piano are spot on.

"Seyloh" Absolutely brilliant... Love the synths. Nice vibe to the song and by far my favourite of the lot.

"El Trut" Really like this one too.. Similar in nature to "Seyloh" with the synths and stuff!

"Kydds" This is a nice track too.. Very relaxing and well put together!

Overall a great job and very enjoyable to listen to.. Keep it up
"beneath" is really nice and groovy.
i love the pitch bendy thing you have going on there that's also in the beginning of "Ta Aymo"- it give it a really nice indian flavour (if you've ever listened to indian classical music- which i'm guessing you have since it sounds like you sampled some)
i like the chilling, ambient nature of your tracks- they convey so much emotion without the need for much volume or technicality at all.

just a question- do you program/sample all of your stuff, or do you live midi track/record too?

good work again!
Thanks everyone again for the crits. they have been very helpful in developing these into full length tracks.
naybnbyuwn - i dont really listen to indian music, the closest is ravi shankar. I use logic, which is like a more advanced garageband. I play everything using the typing keyboard, i dont use any samples besides sampling my own voice and some samples of beach sounds they had on logic. thanks for the crit and the interest.
Nice stuff. I like the style you have going with this stuff. It's atmospheric and ambient and trippy, just how I like it. I like the processed vocals on alot of the tracks, and the synths and drums are great. Good production. I'd like to see full versions of this stuff. I'll be sure to follow you.
i always appreciate anyone who can do this stuff, cause i can't do it. I think it's good. I want to learn how to do the crazy synth stuff, to add to my own music. What programs and plugins do you use?

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rich-- i talked a little about it above. I use logic, which i believe is an apple program. I would recommend logic or garageband, both are great for starting electronic music, very easy to use and cheaper than ableton or other programs like that.
Listening to Beneath.

This is pretty cool. Wasn't expecting it. Dub step sort of? With no wompwompwompwomp which is cool.
Chillaxing to say the least. I like the progression, not standard but works. The vocals are cool. Oh it's done.
I see this a lot on here, done it myself a few times. Finish your song. This was really cool but keep going the amount of times I have gotten halfway through a song and been like, "k, I'm done." but then continued only find cooler riffs and melodies (a good example is In Search of Heart on my profile /shamelessplug) that take the song places I wouldn't have ever noticed if i hadn't worked to make it over the "hump".

Cool song man, I want more. APPEASE ME.
Thank you very much for the crits and comments everyone. Every single one is helpful and appreciated!

I have uploaded two new songs -- "Roseanne" and "Swim Gloria"

Please check them out and let me know what you think! Thanks again!!
Roseanne - My interpretation from the title and the overall feel of the song is that it's about a girl who is bringing out mixed emotions. Someone who's really chill, but also makes one think. lol.

Swim Gloria - The ambiguity of the vocals and the smooth blend give the listener a wider bredth of interpretation, in my opinion. I like the "hidden" melody underneath the bass that starts at about 1:04. It silently accents everything.

For both, I like the ambience of it all. Cool stuff.
Listening to Roseanne.. Is that autotune? Not a fan of auto tune. You would sound alot better with out it. Loving the ambient music! Keep at it sounds awesome
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I listened to the first two tracks. I like the whole atmosphere the sounds create with the blend. Its pretty good recording quality too btw. Some of the synths reminds me of on meloncholy hill by gorillas...which is a compliment cuz i love that song haha.

I have to admit that the vocals were ok on the first one for only a short period of time before they get tiring. I like electronic music with vocals justice, daftpunk ect, but i didnt like the effect on it. Hard to tell what the words were and it seemed the auto pitch thing was not making a good sound.

Anyway cool stuff!

Unlike other people who posted before me, I personally like the effects on your vocals. Helps to build a nice eerie feel to it. I wish you could have added more to Roseanne, perhaps a bridge. The instrumentation in Swim Gloria reminded me a bit of Boards of Canada, but thats just me.
Thanks for the crit.

I'm listening as I type, and I have to say that you've got your shit together. Like you said, it's very chilled out and ambient sounding. Your levels do tend to be on the high side, so look into getting that fixed.

The vocals are the weakest part of your music. Too gimmicky and not enough substance. It can be cool at times, but most of the time it just sounded like a dying alien speaking into a vocoder. I suggest improving your singing voice, or removing the vocals completely.

Also, I noticed that you end your songs very abruptly. I dunno if this is intentional or not, but it really doesn't sound good when a cool melody gets cut off halfway through.

I hope this helped. I'm looking forward to hearing more of your stuff
Its pretty cool overall
Roseanne: I think it the lyrics need to be a little clearer, but i thought it sounded pretty cool. The music was good and it stayed on beat, so musically i liked it, it was nice and smooth

Te Aymo: Not quite my style of music, but i liked how the music behind the singer builds upon itself as the song goes, it was pretty cool
Some awesome ideas going on here. They're all produced very well and i like the feel of the tracks, it's very effective chilling music. I'm not a fan of the vocals on any of the tracks. I understand it's not supposed to be the focal point like vocals are 99% of the time but I just don't think they fit and the effects kinda ruin the rest of the track most of the time.
My favourite was probably Seyloh, i liked the catchy synth line and the drums especially. So yeah i can't really give any other criticisms besides improve/remove the vocals, it sounds pretty awesome. Keep it up!
Thanks for reviewing my stuff as well
Swim Gloria, I liked this one the best, the only song that didn't try to destroy my room and my monitors with low end bass. I can tell you compressed the living crap out of these songs, which seems to be common in modern music, but the bass is just way too much, too much low end on almost all your songs, I would personally high pass your songs at 25 hz, which would cut out ALOT of clipping, notice how all your tracks have the high end peaks cut off, that's clipping, and it takes alot of the punch out of the drums and such, and in general makes the mix muddy, and causes speaker fart, which is what my monitors were doing due to the extreme low end.

The song itself, I liked, very calm and intriguing sound. Gave the listener a chance to imagine their own story to the song. I like all the subtle effects that came in and faded off.

It may just be me and my lack of listening to much electronic music. Idk. Keep up the good work though.

Thanks for the crit btw
I started listening to Roseanne and as soon as I heard the crazy auto tune thing I thought I wasn't really gonna like the song. But then the next part came in and I was like wait a minute, this is ****ing awesome.

Cool stuff man. Definitely not my genre of music but it's really chill and very well recorded/mixed. Keep it up brutha.