Hey all, I need some clarification. I'm pretty much set with my rewiring, but just need to sort out exactly what goes where. I have soldering gear, and my dad knows what he's doing with it, but this is my first dive into the electronics of a guitar.

I've got a stock MIM HSS Stratocaster. Right now, it's got a master volume knob, a neck tone, and a middle tone. I'm trying to get the layout to be neck volume, middle + bridge volume that is also a push-pull switch to coil-split the bridge humbucker, and a master tone knob.

From my understanding, here's what needs to be done (please correct me if I'm wrong!): I need to undo quite a bit of wiring. The neck pickup goes straight into the first volume knob, which then goes to the five-way switch. The bridge pickup gets connected to the push-pull volume so that the common terminal connects the north ground and south hot wires, and the normally-off (pull up to activate) terminal is a ground. The output of the five-way goes into the tone pot, which then is connected to the output jack. I've left a few things out, because that's what I'm hung up on.

I would like to keep my five-way switching options. Since I'm coil-splitting somewhere other than the switch, the most realistic (and I'm fine with this) layout for my positions would probably be:
  • Bridge humbucker
  • Bridge humbucker + middle single-coil
  • Middle
  • Middle + Neck
  • Neck

How would I go about hooking the bridge and middle pickups to the switch and the volume pot they share?

And also, I've been looking at this Seymour-Duncan wiring diagram to figure out the coil-splitting, but I noticed something: the bridge humbucker seems to have five wires: red, green, black, white, and a bare one. My Fender diagram shows only four (black, green, white, and one unknown color). How am I supposed to connect this, exactly? The Fender chart shows another wire being grounded immediately on the pickup itself (probably the bare), so would I end up with two wires (black and white, from the chart) in the push-pull and then the green going straight to the switch/volume?

Thanks in advance for the help!