So about a year ago I was playing football and I caught the ball badly and it sprained my ring finger of my fretting (left) hand (I regret it so much). I applied the ice too late so it swelled horribly. I had to stop playing guitar for a few days so it would heal.

Note: Usually I play rhythm/groove riffs, so its not so hard on the fingers.

Now about a year later I am practicing sweep picking to improve my speed, then after a few minutes my finger starts to swell and pain again after months of being "healed". I couldn't bend my finger much. After about 5 minutes the swelling and pain resided, but I'm worried about my finger.

What can I do to prevent it from hurting and swelling again? Should I do a hot/cold therapy?
See a doctor. If it's acting up a year after the injury, something is wrong.
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I'm a guitarist, not a doctor.
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