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Ever own or play a guitar that's relatively cheap, and it just totally surprise you, with either sound or playability? I'm talking about you expecting nothing much, and then discover that it's a much finer instrument than you thought?
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I have some proper awful looking strat copy not a mark on it anywhere to show any kind of make or model, and the thing is a sweet axe. I can get such warm smooth tones out of it and of every guitar I've owned it's the only one I've never had to adjust the intonation.

Not a clue where it came from, but I'm gonna seriously consider a custom mod on it at some point.
Yeah, my first guitar, a 130.00 Silvertone fastback that for its price has an awesome paintjob and fairly hot pickups. Plays good if you have the right setup. I would say that it is comparable to some of the cheaper Schecter or Fender models. Very good guitar for the price. What do you got.
I know i was really suprised with my LTD F-50 i got to mod, but its actually a pretty good guitar
my dean vxp. i got for like 180 USD on B stock for little cosmetic flaws and it plays better (for me) then all higher end deans i've tried and some more higher end guitars that i have tried.

and my first guitar the ibanez gax30 plays awesome and has hot pups that i can get awesome harmonics and cleans on. next time i got string it im gonna check, cuz i think they might be aftermarket pups, they sound to good to be stock
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Played a Fender Highway One Tele last week that felt better than any other guitar I've ever played.

I realize the Highway Ones are solid guitars, but the best feeling guitar I've ever played was unexpected.
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I have a $50 Strat copy which was my first guitar. It has surprisingly good cleans and a decent overdrive/crunch sound, which I really like (even compared to real Fenders). It sounds bad on high gain though, but I have another guitar for that. Anyways, I think I got lucky with this one, I just happened to get one that was somehow through chance "well-made", compared to many other cheap off brand guitars that I've seen.
Got a korean LTD M-10 starter pack (stand, bag, little amp} for $125 from a pawn shop and it's probably the best guitar i've played. Been modding it since it became my #1. Another pickup set plus electronics on the way
My friend owned a super cheap Greg Bennett super strat kind of thing which he never played so it was dusty and the strings were practically rusting - basically it was terrible. I was attempting to sell it for him and I re-strung it with some elixir strings and it turned out it was an impressive axe with that little change. Played nice and sounded pretty good too as it had duncan designed pickups or something.
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My $100 starter pack acoustic was alot better than i could of hoped for. It had a pretty good ring to it.
yep,got a dean ml copy off a local online site for 99 bucks,plays pretty well,all i did was put a set of dimarzio super distortion pickups and its a beast,also got a cheap electric acoustic for 220,actually play it more than my maton wich says alot in itself lol.
I recently picked up an old Madeira lp special dc copy that has totally knocked my socks off! The guitar and its p90s have become my fav already and may be the best $200 I've ever spent! I also use a really old silvertone jr acoustic, the action is horrific but the sound is worth my trouble.
Mate of mine had an Ashton that shat on midrange guitars. It had decent pickups, damn good set-in bridge and a nice matt grey finish. Just had one of those necks that made you go "DAYIMN!" I believe it was around 200NZD
*shrugs* I don't know...
My Ibanez Art100 really surprised me. Nice guitar, for the price ($250 US)
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I know i was really suprised with my LTD F-50 i got to mod, but its actually a pretty good guitar

yea the ltd-50 series are really freaking good. with a pickup swap, they play a great workhorse guitar. my M-50 came with level frets, a nice neck.....not really a good setup but i mean who gives a damn if u know how to set it up.
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I really dig Danelectros. I have played a few nice ones and they are still fairly cheap. One of the best guitars i have played was actually a MIM tele. I compared it to a standard and special but this thing was just on fire. I've played a few after but never found another like it that could top an american model.
i brought a squier bullet strat for £99 and it sounds really good, and it is so comfortable to play.
I have a lot of guitars that cost under $500.00 that are amazing and sound and play better than the more expensive guitars I have but I recently a few months ago I ordered an SX blem from Rondo Music that I absolutely love. Picked it up for $100.00. Set neck, mahogany body sweet tone and sustain etc. I was planning on doing a pup swap and giving it to my GF but after I played it I decided to leave it as is and keep it for myself. I use this guitar quite a bit as one of the three I bring to gigs. I play more and more less expensive guitars these days that are right up there with the big over priced brands. Some IMO are better than the big brands. The local chain here Daddy's Junky Music carry a brand called Austin that are great players and dirt cheap. They make LP, SG, Strat and Tele styled guitars that really are well built with decent pups. Austins are great starter guitars that you can easily use to gig.

When asked what guitar I should buy I always tell my clients they need to play every brand of guitar at the shops some of the no name brand/small companies are turning out some dam fine guitars that can and will stand up to the rigors of gigging.

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i have an old early 70's Teisco that i love, also got a cort EVL-Z4 that is much better than i thought it would be for $350
I pulled an Epiphone Special II Les Paul out of a dumpster (best price in the world), cleaned it up, it ranks up there with my main six guitars.

Also, the Hondo Paul Dean I have was not all that expensive ($200), but not surprising it's damn good being as it's a sig model for Paul Dean (Loverboy) and not just a copycat strat. Of course, it was like new when I bought it, I don't think the previous owner played it more than a few times. It's getting some good mileage since I got my hands on it :evil

As far as newer guitars go, I have a Squier affnity Telecaster Special (the butterscotch Affinity Tele) in 2007 brand new, first guitar I ever bought Brand new off the rack actually, it was the best Tele on the rack, and that included some high end Fender teles. Sometimes the cheapie factories pop out an exceptional instrument from time to time.
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my cousin had a first act guitar, $50, and it was fully black and really weird shaped (kinda like a pear from what i remember) and he was playing it, and he said he couldn't get it to sound right. it turns out, he just really likes to use as much distortion as possible, and when you actually could hear guitar out of the distortion, it sounded quite amazing. good for really alternative rock, kind of a grungey sound.
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I got a Fender JA-90 Telecaster the other day. It cost me £510. I only bought it to take to jam sessions at pubs and as a work horse guitar, so I didn't risk having my Gibson stolen or damaged. The Tele sounds amazing. Really nicely built, it is the perfect weight and it just awesome for the price. I like it nearly as much as my Gibson Les Paul Standard
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I know i was really suprised with my LTD F-50 i got to mod, but its actually a pretty good guitar

I actually own an F-50. You're right, it's a heck of a player's guitar, especially the neck. May stick some mods to it down the road.
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jay turser jt200 serpent.

plays startlingly like a gibby standard after i changed the wiring.

plus it has that sexy fretboard inlay
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My Ibanez Art100 really surprised me. Nice guitar, for the price ($250 US)

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Vester i got cheap...pretty ****in quality!
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A couple weeks ago,over 4th of July weekend, I picked up a Squier Bullet Telecaster Sunburst with 2 hummbuckers for $89.00. This guitar not only look's Good,but it has a really nice neck thats a little wider and thinner than the Bullet Strats.

It sounded pretty good but I swapped the neck hummb for a Strat Single coil and now it really has a Bluesy sound . It also has killer sustain for a bolt on neck. I'm Very Happy with this thing for $89.00

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Really liked the guitar...thought it was gonna be a cheap piece of junk, but i decided to play it at GC and was REALLY surprised.
my main guitar is cheapo korean made kramer. Main thing that atracted me to it was coil split feature, thin 25.5" scale neck with 24 frets and great balance (no neck-dive).Pups are good too, but i will probably replace them with d-activator-x'es in the future. Fret job is great, action goes low with no buzzing.
On the bad side bolt-on neck heel makes it harder to sweep pick across 4+strings due to my weird thumb placement, oh and its not 7-string

Overall- great guitar, even tho i paid arround hallf the price of it for shipping it wass well worth it, would have paid even more. The only upgrade i'd be willing to make is custom RAN Thor, 7-strig
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Recently bought an older Peavey Raptor+, a somewhat strat-like guitar with HSS and a rosewood board. I LOVE IT! The factory pups are great, factory tuners are Schaller, neck radius and string spacing are about perfect for me. I believe it is made in Korea, but it could be Chinese.
Paid all of $40 plus shipping for it.
I have several other really great Peavey guitars, but I was not expecting this kind of instrument frrom what I keep seeing is a "beginers guitar'...although I have only been playing for 45 years, so maybe I need more time...

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my LTD MH-50NT. surprised by the value for money i got.
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I picked up a bottom of the line Squier Strat in a combo pack for $50. The electronics and tuners aren't much to write home about, but it has a fantastic neck and I've never had to touch the intonation.
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Burny LP copy

Burny SG copy, too. i have one, and while the build quality is not much more than average, the tone and the playability are absolutely stunning and put a lot of guitars that cost twice as much to shame..

when i plugged it in and played it for the first time in the shop i was blown away because i wasn't expecting it to be all that good - i'd been thinking this whole thing about tokai, burny, edwards, greco etc. being a good alternative to gibson at a lower price was all hype - how wrong was i?
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