My first 7 frets show what would seem to be considerable wear, to my eye anyway. Only noticable problem might be a deadening of sustain on the first 3 strings, kinda like if you position your finger on top of the fret when playing but not that bad. My question is who do ya trust to perform fret repair/replacement when the time comes? Seems like a very precision task from what Ive read.
How long have you had the guitar? It might be a good time to change them if you've had it a while anyways
The frets are visibly worn, that you can easily see an indentation under the strings. The guitar came to me used. 1998 Taylor 814CE. It still plays ok, but Im pre empting the eventual repair. I also have a Gibson archtop in extreme need of fret replacement. Frets are worn completely flat over their entire width. Intonation is terrible. Guitar is in good shape otherwise. Im mostly concerned whether this is a routine repair or something I need to hunt down an expert for.
Yeah, over 10 years sounds like time for a fret replacement/leveling. Take it to a guitar luther, you'd have to look them up in your area, and get an estimate.

I had a luther do a fret leveling on my Squier, and it was wonderful, best thing you could ever do for an old guitar.

Cost me about $140 for a fret leveling, but Austin is expensive.