I posted about a month ago about a hissing problem in my epiphone lp 100 and finally got around to messing with it. Before I started trying to fix it, the only problem was crackling noises, after I played any 1 note, the note would resonate, followed by crackling. Anyway, today I opened up the back of the guitar, where the volume pots are and opened the input jack shield and brought out the input jack and bent it slightly. After checking to make sure everything was soldered correctly, I decided to connect to my amp. At this point, I had sound, but it kept cutting out as the jack was moved around. I then put the input jack back into the cavity that is sits in and screwed everything back in. For a while it wasn't getting any signal at all, so I unscrewed and reseated it a few more times.....nothing. After letting it sit for a few hours I is now working and the crackling is gone. As happy as I am that the problem has gone away, this seems like a very temporary fix.

I'm pretty confused and have a few questions:

Is it possible that the jack is still moving around quite a bit, even with the nut to hold it in place?

Might this have to do with the wire, rather than the actual jack?