I've been looking for a good Epiphone guitar. I don't like Les Pauls, and I was looking at the Explorer GT or the G400, original not goth, unless the goth version is good. I want a bright crunchy tone, but one that could also be used for some lighter metal.
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I have wanted a v shaped guitar since I was eight...

go for it. the standard Gibby/Epi V shape is awesome for a lot of types of music. blues, rock, metal, even country etc,
My brother used to have an Epi Explorer and I couldn't stand the thing. It was just a huge awkwardly shaped, heavy hunk of wood. Was it flashy and cool looking? Of course, but it wasn't very practical to sit down and play or even gig with because of its weight. Not to mention the neck didn't play that great and the electronics were only decent. My advice is to really try them out before deciding you want to buy one.
^^ yeah i love the explorer shape but i dont like them sitting down, the V shape on the other i love playing sitting, i put in between my legs, i hate playing guitars on my lap like normal now.
I have had just about every Epi guitar style. I have only had one that didn't really play well but it was used. Epi LPs in the higher range are great the Vs, Explores and Firebirds I have all play and sound great. My fav is the Epi Prophecy line they are just amazing. I love my Futura. I recently bought and sold a few Prophecy LPs and SGs. Kind of hated to give them up but I just had to stop collecting.

As a rule stay away from the real cheap Epis they are decent starter guitars for kids but when they get better they will need to upgrade to a better model.

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Korean made Explorer or V.

Best, non elitist, Epi's they made IMO.

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Any of the Korean models or the Japanese Elitist models. That means looking second hand. The new Chinese ones are pretty crap. If you really want to buy new then look at other copy brands instead. Tokai are really good, still mostly made in Korea and cost about the same new as a second hand MIK or MIJ Epiphone does.