Hey Guys I have a general question about my current setup and whether or not it is ok to do. My question is in any way by playing my fender starcaster into my fender bassman 100 Combo bass amp will i cause any damage to either piece of equipment? Also is this sort of thing unheard of? I am only doing it because I also play bass but when I play my starcaster through a small Crate G10 XL Combo amp the sound i get is way to airy, sounds too thin even by itself but when I play it through my bassman I feel like I get a better and smoother tone with more bottom end. O and would I be able to use guitar pedals with this amp? Please go easy on me lol, Im very new to this sort of thing
Yes thats fine. But NEVER play bass through a guitar amp, you'll ruin it. And you can use pedals with it as well
Haha thanks for the quick answer man, and yea I know about the nono of putting a bass through a guitar amp, I remember going to pick out my first bass and the guy who was demoing the bass was new to the store and plugged it into a Marshall guitar amp, and my grandpa who was helping me pick out the bass immediately flipped.