"Piano Song" was written in a period of two hours.
Only been seriously playing keyboard for a little less than two weeks.
(Acoustic guitar & keys) (Instrumental)

"Conviction" is a track I wrote for a project of mine.
(Progressive Metal/Mathcore) (Instrumental)

"What A Mess (In Memory)" is a song i've had in the works for quite some time.
(Acoustic guitar & vocals)

Please keep in mind that "Piano Song" is meant to have vocals over it.
(Couldn't think of a title, so if you have any suggestions, feel free to throw them out there).
And if you'd like to record some vocals over it, that would be awesome.
My voice doesn't seem to suit the track.

Critique for critique as always.
Thank you for taking the time to listen to my music.
Piano song - sound quality isnt great and the timing needs some work. Im really digging the chill vibe tho, very cool. I think this song could definitely work with vocals, seems open enough to allow a vocal melody. Transitions need a little smoothing out. Overall, cool vibe and good composition but needs a little refining in terms of production and arranging.

Conviction - amazingly different. Better sound quality. Cool riffage, great playing. Certainly needs drums. Not a big metal fan not much else to say

What a mess - I like the guitar progression, vocal needs a little work, quite pitchy, sounds like a good melody in theory tho. I agree with the other commenter on the soundcloud that the chorus is a little repetitive with the "i guess" just change the word. I like the development into the heavy chorus. I like this song the best, has the most potential. Sounds like oasis with emo-er vocals

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Piano Song: I really like how everything interacts well with each other. the parts harmonize quite well. for someone who has been playing as long as you, you have a ton of potential. really. only thing i could suggest is i think you should add lyrics. its great as an instrumental but i feel it would be greater with lyrics.

conviction: this one is a little more intense haha. the riffs are very catchy and draw in the listener. it definitely needs drums but i think it could be either instrumental or with lyrics. using different sounds/instruments to make lead parts would sound pretty cool

what a mess: i like the vibe of this song. it puts me in an interesting mindset. the lyrics are very nice and flow very well with the guitar however i think you are a little off-tune some of the time. i think some basic percussion like bongos or something like that would be nice to add to this song haha. none the less, its still a nice piece.

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Thanks so much for your comments!

Piano song was very relaxing! I think the transitions worked fine, they weren't uncomfortably jarring or anything, the chill mood was kept throughout. I agree with others that it would work very well with vocals. The melodies and rhythm are quite pleasant overall.

Not really the biggest metalcore fan, but Conviction was fun. Would definitely work even better with drums and vocals. The sound was a little messy but I assume you aren't recording professionally. Good playing though!

What a Mess sounds great! You should do something like this with Piano song! You do sound a little out of tune at times, but you have a pleasant voice, so just work on your singing a little more and you're golden.
I love when the piano comes on the first song, it almost has a vintage, colonial type feel to it, really dig that.

The metal song im not really inclined to judge as i'm not really into that.

What a mess - I like instrumentation, could use a bit more ambiance and thud, really like the chorus, sounds almost like Athlete, could use a bit of tuning overall.
Listening to conviction I can see you've got your practice in Good timing, very tight guitar playing. With some fast and heavy drums this could dominate some shit!

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i listened to conviction. i have to say i love the riffs! really catchy, and the tone was really nice
as everyone else has said, it could do with some drums, and personally i reckon it'll go really nice with a more djent-y sound, where you bring down the gain a bit and boost high mids and cut off some of the lows to really allow the percussiveness of the distortion to come out- especially with the palm muted intro riffage you have. although it'll probably only ound good with some nice double kick'n drums and galloping bass to compensate for the cuts lows.

btw this is a reply from my jazz track you commented on ages ago. thanks for the advice! sorry i couldn't get back to you sooner- school and shit is really time consuming

good luck with your musical projects!
This is for What a mess

Your voice has a good sound, but your pitch control needs work.

Your guitar work it pretty solid and well recorded. I'm still trying to record my acoustic decently. Mind sharing some insight into your methods?

The song structure is good. I like the overdubbed parts. I did not like the high pitched "I guess" parts. It's a little out of your range. Try recording it again when you are more comfortable singing at those levels, or just hit it with some autotune and some harmonized overdubs.

Hope this helps