Dear, UG friends, I have started a blog called "My 6 Stringz", a non-profit organisation with a view so that we can all write in our own way about guitars and music. Basically, I have put up the blog for guitar news, gear infos, reviews and lessons, and promoting your music too. But I need help guys. I just can't let the blog die. So, please come, join and write there. If you want to join as a writer, please PM me your email address here, I will be happy to add you! You can Write reviews about your gears there also without joining as writer. At present I am the lone writer and I need help. So, my fellow guitarist please come forward and make it a success... Remember, there is no leader for that blog, everyone would share the same status! Thanks...
the blog is : http://my6stringz.blogspot.com
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Thought TS I dont know if it is allow to advertise your own site on here
So watch out

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