I have a guitar that needs some work. It's an Austin Les Paul copy but it's sentimental and I wanna get it fixed. What do I need to look for when picking a reputable/quality luthier? I had one "luthier" when I lived in Michigan try to fix it and he completely half assed it! How do I find one that will do a 100% top notch job?
Personally I would Google up a list of luthiers in your area. If they have websites then it would be a good investment of your time to check and see if they have any pictures of repair work they have done in the past posted. Next check and see if you can find any feedback on the luthier in question through Google. While you are at it, check and see what the general price is to solve whatever problems you are having with the guitar. If it is all positive then you can move to the next step and make an appointment. You can ask them how they intend to fix the guitar and if they are nice you can ask if they will provide pictures during the repair. Be sure to explain the problems you encounter with the last guy you hired and ask how you can be sure that wont happen again. Just be polite and you should find a reputable luthier who will repair your instrument to a satisfactory standard.