So, I filled out everything for college, then the next day, my dad got a job ($$$$$$ job) in Malta/Saratoga Springs, NY. So, I have no job to stay in Tampa (Ive tried) and now I have to change my life completely at 18. The music scene in Tampa is like, 40% death/dark/prog/-metal, 40% Punk/alt, and 20% classic rock and Im heavily into Heavy Metal. Metallica, Priest, Sabbath, Deep Purple, Maiden, etc. So, it wasnt THAT good..

So, anyone from this area know what the music scene is here?
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A good deal of bands stop there cuz it's basically 3 hours to either Boston or NYC so it's pretty convenient.

I dunno too much about the metal acts that go through though.

Anyway welcome to snow, and drunken student riots and stewart's mini marts.