Hey guys,

I've been experimenting with my pedal chain recently, and moved back from pedal distortion to pushing my amps drive channel with a bad monkey. I like what I'm hearing, and all was good untill we had a jam last night, and decided I needed some delay and light phaser action going on.

I have always only used both these effects after my distortion pedal in the chain, and mainly on clean settings, and have always had pretty nice results.

So I put these 2 pedals in my amps fx loop, and I found the phaser distorted noticably even on clean settings, and the delay became pretty subtle, and less epic. Basically the results sucked. Before the preamp gain channel they sound shocking, and weak in the fx loop.

I'm using a EHX Small Stone Nano (may be changing in the next few months) and a Malekko 616 delay. Is this a common problem? The only way I can get these 2 pedals sounding good is through the amps input, the amp being a Traynor YCV50 blue.
Yeah thats the point, I run them up front and they sound awesome, but only when using a distortion pedal (or clean), as I want the delay and phaser after distortion. If I use the amps dirty channel the only way I put them after distortion is in the loop, which the pedals sound lame in.
does your fx loop have a level (volume) toggle some let you select +4dbv / -10dbv could help bring the effects in the loop forward more ?
That is a very interesting question. I have looked at the manual (http://www.traynoramps.com/downloads/manuals/omycv50b.pdf) and can't find anything that suggests you can do that. Is there a way of doing this externally? I also have a chorus pedal, and that sounds utter shite in the loop (it is a cheapy though). Infact no pedal has sounded good in it
looking at it the loop only runs at -10 (which is fine, +4 is for rack fx mainly)

thinking about that setup i'd say the preamp tube that powers the fx loop might well need replacing!
yeah -10dBV is the standard for pedal effects units, +4dBV is typically only for "professional" effects units (rack mounted)

i wouldn't expect them to sound bad in the loop, of course you could try them with another amp if you have one to make sure they sound right but my main guess is still a problem with the signal path through the fx loop
Ive heard of people having a few issues with the YCV50s loop.

Google it, theres loads of complaints.

+4 dBu is "professional" line level, common in modern pro recording gear, and it is about 1.25 V.
0 dBv is an average line level, typical output from rackmount guitar/bass preamps.
-10 dBu is "consumer" line level, common with older and cheaper recording gear.
-20 dBu is roughly in the neighborhood of a typical instrument's output.
-30 dBu is again in the neighborhood of a typical microphone's output.
I have the same amp, I have tried a couple pedals in the effects loop and it never sounded good.

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I know this is a 'necro post' and here at UG we seem to get very tight about such things, but...

I rebuted my YCV50 last week and the FX now works beautifully! For anyone having similar experiences thry replacing the 12AX7 (I think in V3, probs best to do the lot) and you may notice a difference, I did. Crystal clear now, much better!

Thanks to the guys who helped, hopefully anyone doing a search with the same problem will find this!
It's not a necrobump if you solve your own problem and post the solution for future readers.

Not that anybody ever uses the damn searchbar anyway.
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