I wanted to try a tuning like C G C G C G spanning 2 octaves and a fifth. Sounds to me like a nice way to play power chords easily in an other voicing than you would normally hear. Problem is I don't really know what strings to use for this.

Also recently I read about pentatonic tuning. So a second question of mine is if it's possible to put 6 strings in 1 octave on a guitar so for example something like C E G A B C with this combination spanning 1 octave while normal standard tuning spans 2 octaves. So where normally the high E string would be (which is 2 octaves above the lowest string), a C string would take place being only 1 octave higher than the lowest string. Is this possible?
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Youll have to use custom gauges. Your best bet is to get a few different packs. For the lower octave C use the thickest string. and just get smaller from there. It might take some experimentation but it will eventually work