I started playing in 1 step down tuning and it really lowered my action which is excellent help to me, but I'm wondering, how would I arrange my previous composition which were in standart tuning?

I am aware I can just play everything 2 frets higher, but I was wondering how would I rather bring the entire composition to lower notes while it would still sound good?

I just lowered all instruments and it seemed to work, but some notes budge
This is in Guitar Pro? Just change to step-down tuning and say don't transpose. If you want to play your song transposed down a step, just play it as if you were playing it normally...
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capos ftw!!! in fact tuning down and capoing can give your strings a little extra flap whch can be conducive in a hard rock/heavy metal type song.
As mentioned above you could use a capo. The other option is learning the notes on the fretboard so you can change the voicing of the chords to access the new lower notes.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.