Hey guys,

I just got a Schecter Hellraiser C7 yesterday, beautiful guitar. Anyways it was equipped with 2 EMG 707TW pickups with 2 push pull volume knobs and a tone knob. I wanted to put a Killswitch in so I pulled out the Neck volume knob. I am currently without a neck pickup. Does anyone have or know where to find a wiring diagram showing how to connect 2 707TW pickups to one master volume and one master tone. I found one on google here:


Put the push pull knobs they show in this are non solder and do not match the ones that came in my schecter. My pots are 25K (alpha?) and look like this.


Anyone able to direct me how to properly wire this guitar?

*side note: I am good at soldering, but not familiar with guitar wiring at all so be very specific with instructions on wiring include pics if possible

Thanks guys!
I would try emailing EMG about it.

It really is unfortunate that they don't host old solder based schematics on their site anymore. I love EMG, but that's kind of a dick move. There are a ton of people who still use the old style EMG's, such as myself.
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