At the moment my cover of Foo Fighters Walk is uploading to youtube and I am wondering whats the best way to record covers for youtube or here? I used a camera so it has me playing and the sound, it's not perfect and I want better quality. So any tips?
What I usually do is record normally through a daw, while at the same filming myself without sound.

Then I synchronize the music with the video
The symphonizer
Clap an eight-count on vid and into your track. Line the claps up with the DAW.

That is the right kind of intense impulse to get you within a fraction of a millisecond. Either that or snap your fingers.

I recorded my grandmother telling stories about all kinds of dead aunts and uncles and the family bar. Really interesting stuff, and she's 90... gonna die soon.

Anyway I used two cheapo MP3 players laid on the table. Snapped my fingers a few times before she started talking. Lined up later and it's a perfect stereo recording now.

Frickin' history! I'm into that sort of thing.
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