just got the 58 remake of the korina explorer

according to all the reviews it has an issue with the pickups/knobs/wiring/electronics
and is very sticky/finicky

the guitar i got (was very cheap) had been sitting around for quite some time so just had dust all over it

the pickups when they start to warm up work but it seems like they are coated in a cover of dirt/grime? i tried wiping it off and some of it comes off

how can i clean the top of the gold pickups
also if i raise the pickups would that help a bit
i have to turn the gain to max to get it going right

most ppl just say swap out the pickups/knobs/wiring and u have a sweet guitar

i put a pic of it below

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oh also meant to say if i want to raise the pickups all i have to do is turn the middle 2 screws on the pickups counter clockwise right?
correct about the pickup height adjustment. But just don't bother keeping the stock pickups. Epiphone pups are crap, anything branded will sound infinitely better
does it matter if the pickups are covered in dried dust/grime?

not really coming off with a tshirt

its just a backup guitar so i dont want to swap out the pickups yet

just lookin for something to play randomly

ill try raising the pups today
the grime thing only looks bad, it has no bearing on the pickups doing their job properly. Fair enough about not wanting to switch out pups on a backup. are you located in the UK or USA?
just seen you're from Texas. American users seem to love GFS pups as alternatives to SD or dimarzio
never heard of GFS i'll check them out

thanks for the help

<-guitar newb.