I'm not sure whether to take up the guitar or bass...I'm 17 in 3 months and I know it'll be hard to get very good on either...seems like most professionals start between 9-14...plus I won't be able to practice more than a couple hours a day due to school and other commitments...I'm already a decent pianist (Grade 5) and I took it up 2 1/2 years ago but I want to learn another instrument...my goal is to become a professional music producer/composer (specializing in RnB, Hip Hop, Pop, Dance) and that's a reason I want to take up the guitar or bass, along with the fact that I'm a huge fan of Radiohead and Muse and would love to be able to play some of their tracks on an instrument.

I've tried both the bass (using my dads bass) and the guitar (using my brothers guitar) for a few hours, and I enjoyed playing both equally...but at the age I'm at and the limited time I'll have I think it's only realistic to try and get good at one of them...I've heard bass guitar is easier to learn so I'm leaning towards that atm...looking for some 2nd opinions though...if I got to a very good standard on the guitar, it would probably be SLIGHTLY more useful to me in the future than bass.

thanks in advance for any advice
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my goal is to become a professional music producer/composer (specializing in RnB, Hip Hop, Pop, Dance)

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I'm a huge fan of Radiohead and Muse

Bass. Do it, it's easier and there's always a lack of bassists.
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Guitar, I started out on bass, got bored of it after a year.
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Bass. Do it, it's easier and there's always a lack of bassists.

It's easier if you're just going to play root notes of the chords the guitarist plays.

Don't be that guy TS, be a good bassist!
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a few things;

There's plenty accomplished guitarists who started late, I believe one of Amon Amarth's guitarists started learning at 18.
Unless you find it extremely hard to learn there's no reason that you'd not be able to play Muse or Radiohead songs however late you start, as they're generally not too challenging to mid-level guitarists.
Guitar and bass are practically interchangable, to some extent if you can play one you can play the other, though admittedly there are some unique techniques used for each of them.
I have played both for years. Bass is awesome as is guitar. The problem with bass is it's a "band" instrument and can get quite boring playing by yourself. Of course there's things you can do to fix that. Like playing along with tracks and searching for your tone.

I would suggest guitar.
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Everything in this thread is true, but you all missed out the main crucial aspect-

guitarists get laid

and bassists don't

seriously though, if you're sticking to muse and radiohead then there's nothing you'll learn on bass that you can't learn on a guitar and simply change instruments. Guitarists can play passable, simple bass. Bassists find it much harder to play passable guitar.
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