I wanna buy a 7 String, but I'm on a terribly tight budget. So I found the Washburn WG597 for $199.99. But I can't find one anywhere, I'm like 99% sure there isn't one at the local music store I go to. And I can't find one on Amazon.com. Do they even make them anymore? If so, where can I find one that isn't used?
No they don't make them anymore, the model was discontinued quite a few years ago (circa 2005ish I think). Your best bet is ebay, craigslist etc
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I have a Washburn WG587. I bought it from eBay from some pawn shop in Tennessee for $90 shipped. It wasn't in the best condition, the nut was broken, there's a chip in the body, the screws were corroded, and it was just neglected looking. But it was made in Korea, and for $90 + the $10 for a new nut, it was worth it. I don't know if I got it for so cheap because of the condition it was in, or because the guy listed it as a "7-STR" instead of writing out the whole thing, so it didn't come up on the eBay "7 string" search, I just happen to find it on google.

The neck on it is amazing. Maybe not Ibanez thin, but pretty damn close. This guitar is a blatant Ibanez copy. It even has a near identical headstock. They made a Korean version and then made a Chinese version later on. The Chinese version is supposedly terrible in comparison. Mine is a hardtail with a tune-o-matic. The bridge is cheap, but it does the job. I've heard the version with the licensed Floyd is terrible, and I believe it.

The pickups are very, very clear, but they lack bottom end, and for a 7 string(which I use for metal) that's a very bad thing. I couldn't even get a heavy sound with my EQ pedal, so that's sad. I put some Guitarhead Hex 7s that I already had in it, and it balanced out. Those pickups were too dark in my mahogany body 7 string, but in the WG587 alder body, they balanced out nicely, though sometimes I find the sound to be a bit muddy, but what do you expect from a $40 set of pickups?

All in all, I'd pay $200 for the Korean hardtail version of the WG587 if I needed a 7 string and it was in great condition. For the condition mine was in, $100 was appropriate. It definitely needs new pickups though.

All things considered, you may be better off saving up a little more for an Ibanez RG7621, or RG7620 if you want a good tremolo. It's made in Japan and has Dimarzio Blaze pickups, which aren't amazing, but pretty good for a stock pickup. I've seen them in great condition on eBay for $500, which is a steal. You can also get the RG7421/0 which is a great guitar as well for a little less, but they started to use inferior pickups and tremolos on that model. You could get it for less though. I actually saw an RG7421 with upgrades, a hipshot bridge, an RG7621 neck, and Dimarzio D'Activators, in great condition, sell on eBay for less than $500.
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I heard that those Washburns are actually great guitars. I wanted to pick one up a while back but I didn't have the cash. For $200 you can buy a beater RG7421. I have 3. In mint condition I'd probably pay $200 used for one of those Washburns.

Edit: And Warpig, the 762X's come with New7's, not Blazes. They are Dimarzios specifically made for those RG's, so you can't get them unless they are in a 762X
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You can get them even cheaper than $90, picked mine up from a pawn shop for $50. It's a very nice guitar but definitely needs a pick-up change if you play metal.
If you can get it definatly do it. I've had one for about a year and its a very solid/reliable guitar. Although I will agree with others that you may want to swap pups but that's just personal taste. Either it or a used Ibanez would be just fine. Good luck!
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